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Colin’s Introduction to Naomi

My wife Naomi is beautiful, intelligent, and funny (She made me write that) (Just kidding). She really enjoys photography and sometimes even makes money off of it by taking family portraits or senior photos. She’s also a really good writer, although she doesn’t have a lot of faith in her abilities which I think is silly because I really like her work. She’s a huge introvert, and doesn’t have a lot of friends that aren’t members of her very large (10 siblings) family. As such, I think she writes in order to help collect her thoughts and get them across cohesively, powerfully, and succinctly.

She’s a wonderful mother, and an awesome wife that occasionally makes a decent sandwich. I can’t picture a better person to raise our children. (Currently child, but that will probably change)


Naomi’s Introduction to Colin

If I had really known what Colin was like before I married him… I still would have married him. Probably. 😉 Colin is funny. A lot of people think his jokes–mostly puns–are terrible, but I think they’re pretty funny. He knows so many fascinating (albeit useless) facts about the most random things. I admire how good his memory is. He’s definitely into nerdy stuff like Star Wars, Magic The Gathering, and Dungeons and Dragons. He takes pride in his big bushy eyebrows and is constantly making jokes about them.

All joking aside, Colin is one of the kindest guys I’ve ever known. He always finds ways to serve others, and goes out of his way to help people he doesn’t even know. He has respect for everyone. He has so many talents even though he’ll say he has none, and he’s always learning and trying new things. He has a love of learning and he likes to be prepared for anything. He is a loving, gentle, and understanding husband and father.