Being a Mother Is…




Being a mother is waking up at midnight–and 3 AM. And 5 AM. And 7 AM–to feed your baby, change their diaper, and comfort them.

Being a mother is changing hundreds and hundreds of diapers and sometimes change it twice in one sitting because they’ve already filled it before you’ve had a chance to do the snaps on their onesie.

Being a mother is suffering through cracked, bleeding skin while you’re still learning how to breastfeed.

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It’s being peed on, spit up on, cried on, drooled on, and pooped on.

Being a mother is enduring weeks–or months–of sleep deprivation.  It’s not being able to sleep very well even when you do sleep, because your baby is sleeping with you in your bed because they won’t sleep in their own.

Being a mother is never really having alone time, and sacrificing things you want to do for taking care of your child or doing chores.

It’s constantly worrying about your child.

It’s holding your child while they cry and wiping their tears away.

Being a mother is hard.





But none of that really matters, because being a mother is so much more than that.

It’s feeding your baby and feeling loved as they gaze into your eyes while they eat. Or when they smile as you sing to them.

It’s teaching them things and find joy in watching them learn.

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It’s finally being able to see them smile and giggle. It’s making silly faces and sounds just so you can keep seeing it.

Being a mother is being proud of every single one of their milestones and accomplishments, even if it’s just pooping, or getting better at holding their head up.

Being a mother is being excited for them to take a nap so you can take some time for yourself and get things done, but not really getting anything done once they’re asleep anyway because when they fall asleep in your arms you can’t help but cuddle them a little longer and tighter.


Being a mother is watching them sleep, and wanting to protect them from everything bad in the world.

It’s being amazed at the limitless potential your child has.

Being a mother is love and light and happiness.

It’s learning how to love deeper, and how to be selfless and compassionate.

It’s sticky and dirty and tiring and nerve wracking and joyous and miraculous.

It is worth every sleepless night and every dirty diaper. It is so worth it.

Being a mother is a sacrifice, but a blessing, and I love every part of it–both the good and the bad.


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