20 Things I Want To Do While I’m 20

Being stagnant isn’t fun. I like to feel like I have purpose, like I have something to work towards. I think it’s so important to always have a goal and always be looking for ways to improve. So as my 20th birthday came up this year, I decided I wanted to do something different. I wanted to challenge myself. I came up with 20 things I want to accomplish while I’m 20. I’m so excited to work on putting check marks by every item on this list! 

  1. Go to Hawaii
  2. Participate in National Novel Writing Month again (I better start brainstorming!) 
  3. Hike to Angel Rocks
  4. Hike to Inspiration point
  5. Go camping at Denali National Park
  6. Go to the Arctic Circle 
  7. Go to the temple at least four times
  8. Learn most or all of Liebestraum by Franz Liszt (on the piano)
  9. Midnight Sun Run
  10. Read 10 books I haven’t read yet
  11. Go camping 10 times
  12. Learn how to make jam
  13. Study The Book of Mormon more in depth
  14. Finish learning/perfecting Waterfall by Jon Schmidt
  15. Do 20 photography sessions
  16. Write a song on the piano
  17. Photograph the northern lights (and do a good job) 
  18. Go to Seward or Valdez
  19. Go blueberry and raspberry picking
  20. Finish the BYU-Idaho Pathway program.

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